Innovative Microfiber Products and Systems

Creating cleaner, healthier environments


Dust Bunnies Beware!


At Microfiber & More we are passionate about helping to create cleaner and healthier environments.

To accomplish this we utilize the power of microfiber technology to develop innovative products and systems that are much more efficient, effective and economical than traditional cleaning tools.  Our systems are designed to reduce water consumption, control chemical use and reduce overall cleaning costs.


Starter Kits


Color Coding


Reduce Cross-Contamination, Simplify Training


Color coding programs are an effective way to reduce cross-contamination. Different colored microfiber products are designated for specific cleaning tasks, such as red for restrooms, green for cafeterias, etc. This helps prevent the potential transferring of harmful germs or bacteria from one space to another.


Additionally color-coding can help simplify staff training, products are more easily identified as to when and where they should be used.






Proper Care and Maintenance


A key benefit of microfiber products is their longevity, which helps reduce cleaning costs and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. Properly laundering microfiber products is important to maintain their effectiveness and extend their usable life.


Microfiber products should be laundered separately from other fabrics to prevent them from collecting lint, which can ruin their effectiveness.