Ask a professional to name the number one brand of squeegee and 
you will get the same answer today as you would have 75 years ago-
Ettore, hands down. In a world where everyone talks quality but few deliver, Ettore offers nothing less than unfailingly superior quality to professionals in every part of the industry. See for yourself why Ettore Products is the number one choice of window cleaning professionals.

Why more professionals choose Ettore

Often imitated, never duplicated,
Ettore Steccone’s original squeegee
design has remained virtually unchanged since its
inception in 1936. His secret was, and is, in the rubber.
The formulation of Ettore rubber is carefully guarded
because this is the essential heart of the system—
A razor sharp square edge, which leaves 
glass perfectly clean and streak free.



Window Cleaning
Floor Care
Auto Cleaning

In 1922, Ettore Steccone immigrated to the United States and chose window cleaning as his profession. In 1936, he invented the single-blade squeegee and changed the profession forever. Following in his footsteps are those with the same entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and commitment to their trade. These people are who we define as Ettore Craftsmen. With skill, dexterity and artistry, an Ettore Craftsman takes pride in their work and always strives for a job well done. They do not compromise on quality. Most importantly, an Ettore Craftsman believes in the power of sharing their passion, love, and knowledge so that they may empower the current and next generation of window cleaning professionals.


Aquaclean was in the forefront of the pure water revolution of the 1990's with our groundbreaking Aquaclean systems and accessories.  All of our knowledge, observations, and expertise have culminated in our new EZ1PRO+ system!  This system gives you every option.  There is no need to look further and it is backed by legendary Ettore Customer Service.