Company History

Lake Country Marketing (LCM) was founded in 1982. We operate as a

manufacturers representative agency serving the commercial and industrial

janitorial industries. With a strong commitment to our vendors, we strive

to provide superior customer service and implement the most effective

marketing strategies. With extensive industry knowledge and longevity,

along with IEHA (International Executive Housekeepers Association)

certification, we will incorporate the following practices:


Assist management to keep informed of latest trends

Promote accessibility to DSR's for assistance and sales training

Conduct knowlegible product and sales seminars

Provide "In-Field" product demonstrations for "End-Users"

Create Power Point sales presentations


We are dedicated to ensure problem-solving solutions to enhance the quality of our customer experience. In realization of that goal, we will energetically pursue continued growth and profitabiltiy for all partners concerned. Most recently LCM evolved into LCM Enviro-Solutions, to promote our core value of sustainability



We believe these causes to be instrumental in creating a better world. 
 If you are interested in researching their effectiveness or would like to contribute please visit:

            Helping to End Poverty